"isn't baptiste yoga hot yoga?  

i thought heat was bad for people with ms..."

The Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga methodology uses empowering language to transform lives through the flow of movement and breath.  This methodology is traditionally taught in a room that is heated to about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat in the form of environmental exposure or increased core temperature can worsen symptoms of MS, such as fatigue, weakness, painful sensations, spasticity, and vision.  We believe that the Baptiste methodology works to change lives.  Therefore, in oMS Yoga, we teach the methodology in an unheated classroom.  Our ambient temperature stays between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  We use fans and cool fluids to provide a comfortable environment for students in which they find awakening, empowerment, and inspiration of mind, body, and spirit.  As we have expanded, we have begun including other disciplines of yoga in our mix.  We believe our partnerships with teachers trained in other disciplines enhances your experience with yoga and meditation.  We are excited for your class experience! 

oMS Yoga is a 501c3 organization supported in kind by generous grants from the North Florida ​chapter of the National MS Society, MS Foundation and donations from our community.  It is supported in heart, mind, and body by volunteer teachers.  It is supported in space by MBody Yoga, Yoga Den Bayard, Shine Wellness Center/High Tide Yoga, Beyond Fitness Delray, O2 Fitness Charleston and Now and Zen Studio.  We are ever grateful for their support. 

To bring yoga to people living with all forms of MS.  We teach based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga methodology to build, connect, and support communities of people living with MS allowing rediscovery of personal and physical potential and confidence.
Awaken potential, empower confidence, and inspire possibilities, through yoga, in the lives of people living with Multiple Sclerosis.

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As we expand, we welcome new teachers.  We ask that you have at least a 20o hour RYT certification, preferably in the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga methodology.  If you are trained in another methodology, we look forward to the experience that you bring, and also ask that you attend a workshop or training with the Baptiste Institute (several options available).  It is our goal to send teachers to attend adaptive teacher training at Mind Body Solutions in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  This training, led by renowned instructor Matthew Sanford, reinforces the foundation of teaching yoga, and allows teachers to bring yoga to people of all ability levels in a confident and empowering manner.   Click HERE to learn more about Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga.  We have big goals that include international expansion!   If you have interest in being a sponsor studio, please email us at omsyogainfo@gmail.com.

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Co-founders Cheryl & Megan met by chance at a luncheon sponsored by the North Florida chapter of the National MS Society in May of 2011.  They expressed their passion for yoga, and their desire to bring yoga classes to people living with MS.  Their second meeting, again by chance, was at a Master Yoga Class taught by Baron Baptiste about a year later.  They locked eyes, and said, "Let's do this!"  Inspired by Baron's own work with teaching yoga to people living with MS, they wrote a grant to the North Florida chapter the next week.  In November of 2012, thanks to the big heart and open doors of Mary Lyn Jenkins, owner of Big Fish Power Yoga, and a generous grant from the MS Society, yoga for MS began.  The second class started less than a year later at Hot Spot Power Yoga, thanks to owners Jon & Leah Hansen.  The third class was born in March of 2014 at MBody Yoga, Southside, thanks to manager Dawn Clapp.  We have since collaborated with Charleston & Philadelphia; expanded to a 4th location in Jacksonville; and have added partnerships in St. Augustine and Delray Beach, FL.  Someone once said, "If you build it, they will come."  So we are building it! 

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